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The Prince of Waterloo Pub The Prince of Waterloo Pub The Prince of Waterloo Pub The Prince of Waterloo Pub

Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Waterloo

Duke of WellingtonThe Prince of Waterloo is a Dutch rank of nobility, held by the Duke of Wellington. The title was created by King William 1 of the Netherlands, for the first Duke of Wellington as a victory title in recognition of defeating Emperor Napoleon 1 at the Battle of Waterloo. The title remains today.

The Prince of Waterloo pub appears for the first time in documentation in 1816 following this victory in 1815. The building itself dates back to the 16th century and it is possible that a licensed premises predated 1816, but it was not officially noted until then.

The village of Winford has other noted links to the Napoleonic wars; there is a row of cottages just down the road from the pub which are known as ‘The Barracks’, it is believed that soldiers stayed here during this period, there is a footpath up to Dundry known as the drum and there is the old Gun Powder Mill at Littleton Lane which was known to supply gun powder via the Bristol Docks during the Napoleonic wars.

In today’s Prince of Waterloo you will receive a cheery welcome, the surroundings are warm and cosy, the real fires keep out any winter chill. The team will do their best to ensure that your visit is a great one.